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Tanja Tobler

Founder & Managing Director

M: +41 79 223 02 02  


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Due to my father's occupation, my early family life meant a great deal of travel and living in different countries. Apart from giving me an early insight into different cultures and ways of life, it has also given me fluency in four languages – English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

After living in Venezuela, Kuwait and the Netherlands, I moved back to Germany at the age of 18 yrs, where I studied Hotel Management and upon my graduation, my career continued in Berlin, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey. After once having lived in Zurich, I always knew I would return one day. The perfection, beauty, friendliness and reliability had fascinated me and I knew I had now found my home, to which I returned after gaining several years of foreign work experience in diverse management positions within the hotel industry.

In Zurich I continued my working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where I amongst other things was in charge of organizing and managing meetings and events. I therefore decided to extend my education and get my diploma in Event Management. After 2 yrs of vocational study I graduated in Project Management for Events, Congresses and Sponsoring and took over the position as Strategic Event Manager Healthcare EMEA at the European Headquarter in Zurich of a American multi-billion dollar company. I had finally converted my passion and hobby into my job – organizing, serving people, traveling, countries and culture!

With several years of great experience I decided to found my own Company and with that fully dedicate myself to do what I do best – convert your visions into reality!

Read more about me here 

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Jorge Sousa

Senior Event

Project Manager

M: +351 918 459 048 


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It all started in 2003! After a few experiences, within other industries, while living in the UK, I decided it was time for a fresh start and mainly to come back home – Portugal.

This resolution, together with the fact of being highly driven, hardworking and very attentive to detail, allowed me to enter the Events Management sector. Now, looking back 15 years, I must say: I am still as passionate as I was, when this new stage began… 

Small to mega, simple to very complex, standard to totally remarkable, National to International, Corporate to Artistic production, all take part in the collection of Events, I have been involved, as a Team Member and/or Manager.

In early 2018, after past joint ventures, I was challenged by t2-events to join the company, as Senior Event Project Manager, with the purpose of supporting the existing operation and exploring new markets, invite accepted in the blink of an eye! 

My current position is showing very exciting and rewarding, making my motivation levels being at their top performance, to support our project breaking new ground.

Verena Schwille

Event Management Assistant

M: +41 79 223 16 16 


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Growing up in the countryside, but prepared for the big wide world, I started my career at the age of 20yrs as a marketing assistant at the European headquarters of an American company in Zurich.

That is also where I met Tanja, as we were colleagues working in the same division. At the beginning I had no idea about event management – in fact, I had no idea about adult life in general. But I instantly noticed, that I enjoy this versatile work and I wanted to be great at it. Over the years I have learned how essential preparation, passionate execution and post production is, as all is crucial to then be able to speak of an successful event. What I like best about the job is that no event is like the other, each event develops its own dynamic, the possibility of incorporating creative ideas, the cooperation with different service providers and the measurable results. Later, I was able to develop my career as a Marcomm Specialist and took care of the divisional marketing communication.

The work in the marketing and event area challenged me, shaped me and filled me with joy. And I think this point is a philosophy of life that I always try to pursue: "You should do the things in life that fulfil you".

Therefore I was delighted when Tanja offered me a job in her company and that after my maternity leave, I was able to do what I do best and what I enjoy doing.

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Philipp Tobler

Director Finance & Marketing

M: +41 79 289 03 71 


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I love my responsibilities - a colorful bouquet that never fades! It covers the facets of finance, marketing and human resources. If you have a question, I'm your contact. I’ll be glad to help you!

My bio. Natural and pure.

I'm straightforward, accurate, consistent, honest and trusting. I have a business education and studied at the hotel management school in Lucerne. During more than 15 years in the hotel and restaurant industry, I tried a lot to find my way, nothing was too bad for me. From service in the garden restaurant to flight attendant to co-management at an international restaurant chain. Then the time was ripe to break new ground and I worked for an international management consultancy for 8 years and another 5 ½ years as a medicine- and science manager at FIFA. With a backpack full of valuable experiences, my way led me to t2-events in early 2018! I am very internet affine and love new technologies. Everyday challenges in workaday life are as much a fulfilling life for me as my little family and my friends!

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André Siess

Corporate Health Consultant

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For more information about André please visit his social media channel.



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