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Ain't no mountain high enough


The extended Management Committee Meeting was themed 'Together We Can' and turned out to be a very successful and highly interactive meeting. The main focus of the conference was not just to share the outcome and communicate the goals and expectations but to enforce the team spirit. Updates were shared, teambuilding activities were undertaken and breakout sessions held to get the ideas, inputs and to ascertain the needs of the team and, by definition, the company as a whole. It was evident the participants left the Meeting as a team and convinced that together they did, together they can and together they will make it! 


Among the activities the team undertook in the Austrian Mountains, was a fantastic four wheel jeep drive in which each passenger had to contribute in order to make the car go! With one person steering, one controlling the accelerator and gears, another the brake and the last one the clutch, it took real teamwork and mutual understanding for the vehicle to be driven correctly - a difficult thing to achieve at first but it got easier. The exercise was a great reminder of the event theme - 'Together We Can'.


Other activities included a husky drive, archery, building a framed shelter and light house, and outdoor cooking for the team.

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