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One Life


A novel way of encouraging donations to the Friedensdorf charity was devised when the anniversary of a medical partnership between three companies took place. The companies' recognition of the increasing demand for advanced training of medical professionals, set up a new workshop series.

The publication of a new set of validation guidelines was on everyone's lips and made the perfect subject for the workshop, where a local hospital in Germany provided a conference room at no charge. Representatives of the three companies presented, as well as two external subject specialists. All attending delegates paid a registration fee all of which was donated to Friedensdorf. Following very positive feedback, the next workshop is already scheduled


The Friedensdorf in Oberhausen, Germany translates as 'Peace Village International' and was established as a non-profit charity on July 6th, 1967 as a citizen's initiative to help children in areas of war and crisis. Today the program offers medical help in countries from which children come, in addition to medical services and rehabilitation in Europe. 


The three main areas of the Village's work are:

  • Medical help for sick and wounded children who cannot be helped in their native countries, but who can be treated in Europe 

  • Improvement of local medical facilities in war and crisis areas

  • Educational work on awareness of and involvement in social issues and conflict resolution


For many young victims of war and crisis situations, medical treatment in Europe is often their last chance. Following treatment in a European Hospital or Clinic, the children go to the Peace Village for recuperation and rehabilitation, involving sports, play and recreation. When their medical care has been completed, the children return to their native countries and families, accompanied by staff and volunteers. 


The total number of children under the care of the Peace Village, at any given time, is 300 with approximately 150 in residence, 150 in hospital. On average the charity has helped 1000 children per year.

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