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We have an enquiry. What information does t2-events need?

Basically a brief should contain the following:

  • ​When and where should the event take place?

  • What goal are you trying to achieve with this event?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • How many guests or delegates are expected?

  • What type of event are you wanting to execute: meeting, congress or exhibition?

  • What is your budget?


How much time should we considerate from planning to executing an event?

You should ask yourself if you are looking to achieve quality or quantity. The more time there is, the more research, comparison and planning can be done. t2-events has organized successful events with a short notice period but typically the more time one has the better the results will be because a better understanding of the customer's individual needs and preferences can be achieved.

Is there a minimum size of event for t2-events to manage?

No! Even a minor event is of immense importance to our clients, as it is your investment and every investment receives t2-events’ dedication and attention to detail. 

Where can t2-events organise and execute meetings, events and congresses?

Generally nothing is impossible but t2-events specializes in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Can t2-events simply part-organize and execute an event for me? i.e. hotel, catering, transfer, venue research etc. 

Absolutely. You can either partly or entirely delegate your event to t2-events. t2-events will help you wherever you desire professional support. 

What are t2-events condition of payments?

These can be reviewed in the general terms and conditions.

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